fredag 12 september 2014

Five healthy home tips

Five simple healthy home tips

Because we spend most of our time indoors, a healthy home environment is essential to good health. Here are five easy and affordable tips you can use to reduce toxics and keep your home healthy.
Healthy home habitsGet fresh air flowing
Indoor air can be 3-5 times more polluted than outside. Try opening the windows for five minutes each week, and turning on your bathroom fan or kitchen fan while you cook or shower for 20 minutes. This will draw stale air out and allow fresh air in.
Dust regularly
You can reduce exposure to lead from paint, flame retardants from furniture, and residue from cooking or cleaning by dusting with either plain water and a rag, or a microfiber dusting cloth. Dusting sprays or other cleansers are not needed.
Take your shoes off at the front door
When you take those first four steps into your home, that’s where you track in any heavy metals, pesticides, oil, and other pollutants. Leave your shoes at the door or use a rough doormat at the door.

Keep plastic out of the microwave
When food is in contact with plastic and then heated, it is possible for chemicals to move from the plastic into the food. “Microwave safe” only means that the microwave won't harm the plastic. Put your food on a glass dish for microwave heating.

Use green cleaning recipes
Save money and avoid toxics with five simple ingredients for all your cleaning needs: 1) white vinegar, 2) baking soda, 3) plain castile soap, 4) hydrogen peroxide. The fifth ingredient is your own scrubbing power: green cleaning might take a bit more time or scrubbing effort, but the health benefits are worth it

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