onsdag 22 april 2015

On completion of cleaning

 On completion of cleaning, operatives to switch off machine and remove plug and RCD from the power socket and recoil machine cable/ lead. Operatives to check cable for any damage while recoiling cable/ lead.
13  Operatives to clean machine and check that pads or discs are not damaged or broken.
14  On completion of cleaning, operatives to dispose of all waste chemicals and materials on site and remove all cleaning equipment, chemicals and signage to company vehicle.
15  Operatives are not to leave the site until authorised by Supervisor.
This Method Statement to be used only to underpin a Full Site Specific Method Statement
Ceiling Cleaning – Stainless Steel – Painted –  False & Clipped Tiles
Applicable to both stainless steel ceilings and painted/false ceilings
1  Operatives to check all PPE, cleaning equipment and chemicals required for the task. Refer to COSHH assessments supplied for chemicals being used. Operatives to set out all ‘Caution/Warning’ signage required and cordon off cleaning area prior to work commencing.

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