lördag 9 maj 2015


Operatives to carefully remove filters one by one from canopy and place into tank, taking care not to over stack filters. Note: filters can be easily damaged especially Vokes filters.
6  Operatives to let filters in tank soak for a minimum of 10 minutes.
7  After 10 minutes, operatives to remove filters one at a time from solution. Whilst also holding filters over the tank, clean the edges of the filters using a ‘Greenie’.
8  Operatives to place filters into the spray tank and repeat process until spray tank is full.
9  Operatives to spray filters using high pressure jet sprayer in a methodical way (as instructed by supervisor) ensuring that all parts of the facing side of the filter have been sprayed.
10  Operatives to repeat this procedure until completed on each side of filters and then to repeat operation for reverse side of filters.
11  On completion, operatives to place filters carefully in drainage area and allow excess water to drain out.

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