lördag 18 oktober 2014

A scenario

Measure 3: Makeup and Transfer Air Requirements A scenario describing a typical kitchen/dining room design was developed as the basis of comparison for the range of transfer air ratios in different climates. The scenario uses the following assumptions:  1,000 square foot commercial kitchen  10,000 cfm exhaust hood  Cooling supply airflow: 2,000 cfm or 80% of the exhaust cfm   Supply air temperature was  to 55°F  Space temperature setpoint, return air, and transfer air temperatures were set to 70°F  Cooling load of 9.5 w/sf  $0.12/Kwh Electrical Rate  $1/therm Gas Rate  0.0005 KW/cfm fan energy use  1 Kw/ton cooling equipment efficiency  0.70 thermal efficiency for gas heating equipment  Hour of operation: 6am to 10pm daily for a total of 5,838 hours per year.

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