torsdag 16 oktober 2014

Measure 1: Direct Replacement of Exhaust Air Limitation

Measure 1: Direct Replacement of Exhaust Air Limitation The equipment cost for the measure case based on an exhaust-only hood system described in the test scenario is $1,604 less than an equivalently performing short-circuit hood system in the base case when comparing the hoods, exhaust fans, and makeup air units. The energy cost difference between the two systems over 15 years using the 2011 energy data for CTZ 12 is $6,435. As demonstrated, there is no performance or economic benefit associated with short-circuit hood systems when compared to exhaust-only hood systems.  The proposal allows 10% direct replacement to allow hood manufacturers to employ different capture and containment strategies that resemble short-circuit hoods but do not have the performance deficiencies of short-circuit hoods.  Systems that use less than 10% direct replacement include the Halton Capture Jet, which has been tested by the PG&E Food Service Technology Center and shown to provide equal or better C&C compared to an exhaust-only hood with the exhaust flow rate.

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