torsdag 30 oktober 2014


The canopy hood needs to be designed and operated
to ensure effective removal of cooking fumes. It needs
to be a suitable size and have enough extraction to
minimise fume spillage into the kitchen. There should be
a canopy hood for every appliance and other sources
generating fumes and heat. The canopy hood should
be as close as possible to the source, taking into
account the work requirements.
The airflow into the canopy should be uniform and
constant, and meet the appropriate design flow for the
appliances and room ventilation rate. Canopies and
ductwork need to be constructed from non-combustible
material and made so they discourage accumulations
of dirt or grease, and condensation. There should be
suitable access to the ductwork, to allow regular cleaning
to prevent accumulation of fat etc. Grease filters need to
be readily removable for cleaning/replacement.

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