söndag 2 november 2014

Acoustical barrier

Acoustical barrier wrap improves the transmission loss of the pipe or duct and
therefore minimizes breakout noise. This barrier needs to be a heavy material
which is sufficiently flexible so as to permit wrapping around small diameter
piping. In the past lead sheeting was utilized for this purpose but recent concerns
over lead exposure and legal restrictions concerning its use have rendered this
material obsolete. Current barrium sulfate loaded vinyls are best suited for this
application as this material presents no known health hazards. It is important that
there be no barrier gaps or open areas over the region of the installation as these
represent significant acoustical “leaks” that greatly reduce effectiveness. Barrier
weights of 0.5 lb./sq. ft. to 1.0 lb./sq. ft. (2.5 to 5.0 kg/sq. meter) are commonly
specified as these materials are thin enough to permit good workmanship by the
installing contractor. Should additional acoustical performance beyond the
capabilities of a single barrier layer be required for a particularly sensitive project,
it is recommended that a second layer be applied over the first. For optimum
results, this second layer should be separated from the first barrier layer with a
decoupler as discussed in paragraph 2 above. This “double layer” of acoustical
cladding provides superior acoustical performance compared to the use of a
single, heavier layer.

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