onsdag 5 november 2014

Kinetics Noise Control

Kinetics Noise Control has developed a unique and specific combination
absorber/barrier material which is well suited for pipe and duct wrapping applications.
KNM-100ALQ combines a 1.0 lb./sq. ft. barrier material with an aluminum foil facing
on one surface and a 1” or 2” (25 or 50 mm) thick quilted fiber glass decoupler layer
on the opposite surface. This product thus combines the decoupler and the barrier
into a single product which significantly minimizes the cost, time and labor required to
use both a separate barrier and a separate decoupler layer. The reinforced barrier
aluminum outer layer provides a clean surface that is easily adhered with tape. This
aluminum covering also increases the mechanical strength, wearability and fire
retardancy of the barrier. The barrier used in this product features an STC of 28,
which is more than sufficient for most normal HVAC plumbing and duct applications.
In the event that higher acoustical performance should be required to suite an
unusual application, a second layer of KNM-100ALQ can be overlaid on top of the
first layer, with care taken to stagger and overlap the joints.

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