torsdag 27 november 2014

Constant Air Volume

Constant Air Volume System: An air-handling system
involving a continuous level of airflow.
Contact Vacuum: A Collection Device, usually portable,
that uses a nylon brush nozzle attached to the end of its
inlet air hose. The brush head is applied directly to a
surface for cleaning.
Containment Area: An engineered space within a work
area designed to control the migration of contaminants
to adjacent areas during assessment or cleaning
Contaminant: Any substance not intended to be present
that is located within the HVAC system.
Converging 45 Degree Cut: Applies to the angle of the
cut when removing a section of ductboard to create an
opening. Provides for resealable fit when re-installing
the section for closure (sometimes referred to as a
“pumpkin cut”).

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