lördag 8 november 2014

Causes of Malfunctioning

Causes of Malfunctioning Reversing Valve:
1. Solenoid not energized. In order to determine if the
solenoid is energized, touch the nut that holds the
solenoid cover in place with a screwdriver. If the nut
magnetically holds the screwdriver in the Cooling mode,
the solenoid is energized.
2. No voltage to solenoid. Check the voltage and if
there is no voltage, check the wiring circuit.
3. Valve will not shift:
a. Undercharged: check for leaks.
b Valve Body Damaged: Replace valve.
c. Unit Properly Charged: If it is on the heating cycle,
raise discharge pressure by restricting airflow
through the indoor coil. If the valve does not shift,
tap it lightly on both ends with screwdriver handle

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