måndag 16 februari 2015

General Information.

General Information. • References to Specific Items—Reference in these specifications to any article, device, product, material, fixture, form or type construction by name, make, or catalog number shall not be construed as limiting competition or an endorsement of a manufacturer. These references are only intended to establish minimum standards of quality. • Codes—The QCN member is responsible for compliance with locally adopted public codes or regulations affecting work under these specifications. Where local codes or regulations require greater standards than those required in this section, local codes govern. Where local codes or regulations permit lower standards than those required by these specifications, the standards contained herein govern. TVA does not assume any responsibility for determining, interpreting, or enforcing compliance with local codes and regulations. In addition, TVA does not interpret or determine local codes and regulations. • Materials and Appliances—Unless otherwise stipulated, the QCN member must furnish all labor, equipment, tools, materials, and services necessary for the execution and completion of all work. All equipment and materials shall be new and of the quality specified in these standards.

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