fredag 13 februari 2015

Packaged Terminal Heat Pumps

Packaged Terminal Heat Pumps (PTHP), Self-Contained Through-The-Wall Heat Pumps (SCTTWHP), Free Delivery Split Heat Pumps (FDSHP), and Window Heat Pump Systems (WHP). The following subsections do not apply to the above-named systems: Equipment Requirements, item 1; Condensate Piping, item 3; Indoor Thermostat, and Auxiliary Electric Heaters. The minimum air flow requirement of 400 cubic feet per minute per 12,000 Btuh in Duct System Design, Modification, and Installation section, item 1, shall not apply. All other sections of these standards remain applicable unless otherwise noted. 1. Free-delivery split heat pumps, self-contained through-the-wall heat pumps, packaged terminal heat pumps, and window heat pump systems are designed to deliver conditioned air to the space without the use of ductwork. Self-contained through-the-wall heat pumps and packaged terminal heat pumps are designed to be installed through an exterior wall. Window heat pump systems are designed primarily for use in window installations. Free-delivery split heat pumps are split-type, free delivery heat pumps that may consist of one or more indoor units. The indoor units are designed to be attached to an indoor wall or ceiling. 2. The auxiliary electric heater for these types of heat pumps shall be provided by the heat pump manufacturer within the unit cabinet or fan coil section as part of the heat pump and shall be controlled by the unit's indoor thermostat. 3. These types of heat pumps shall be installed and supported in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions, subject to local building codes and standards. The installing QCN member shall be responsible for the complete installation of these systems, including the wall/window case. 4. Where ductwork is used, the duct design and installation shall be as recommended under Duct System Design, Modification, and Installation section. The only exception is where the heat pump manufacturer provides specific duct application and installation criteria for their equipment. In all cases, the duct design and installation shall be such that the system provides the amount of air flow across the indoor coil recommended in the manufacturer's specifications.

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