måndag 2 februari 2015

Charge procedure

Charge procedure 1.- De-pressurise the units. 2.- Drain the refrigerant. 3.- Clean out with dry nitrogen. 4.- Solder the tubes, with a dry nitrogen flow inside the tubes. 5.- Use low melting-point rods with a minimum silver content of 5% for soldering. 6.- Fill with 2 kg R-22 refrigerant to detect leaks. 7.- Empty out the refrigerant. 8.- Clean out with dry nitrogen. 9.- Create a vacuum down to 200 microns. 10.- Put in the refrigerant, using scales or a calibrated cylinder. The charge accuracy should be of 30 grams. The outdoor unit is fitted with pressure and temperature points on the connection outlets, for checking of over-heating and sub-cooling. Check that these values are around 5°C. Insulation of tubes The interconnection cooling tubing must be insulated. The insulation requires specific characteristics: it must be

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