fredag 30 januari 2015

the calculations

the calculations can be either the test points given in this method or test points given in EN 14511.  
The maximum heating capacity, Pmax, at the different climates is calculated from the heating capacity data obtained in the test. It is not possible to choose the size of the required heat load for the building, but is given by the model for each bin level based on the capacity of the heat pump. To meet the lower heat load requirements at the different bin levels, the heat pump is assumed to work in part load condition. The heat pump does not have to be tested in part load operation; instead the model uses a degradation factor, Cd, to calculate the COP when working in part load condition. Cd can either be obtained from tests or a default value, Cd=0.15, can be used.  
For fixed capacity units the default is COPmin= 0.89*COP at power output Phpmin=0.5*Php. For staged capacity units the default is COPmin= 0.975*COP at power output Phpmin=0.5*Php.  For variable capacity units the default is COPmin= COP at power output Phpmin=0.4*Php.
It is optional to choose whether the heat pump operates with night set back or not. The bin assumes constant night temperatures during night set back to +1°C, +6°C and 0°C for each climate respectively

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