onsdag 21 januari 2015

This procedure

This procedure is followed: •Check if air is correctly distributed to all the occupied rooms of the building. •Inspectthe air filtration equipment. •Inspectthe refrigeration coils. •Check central heatequipmentand refrigeration (including humidity regulators).
Inspection of the ducts is done through existing openings,such as access doors,or grid openings, inspection panels etc.
Visual inspection is done first:If mould or any ‘unusual’material is detected,samples are gathered for further analysis.Inspection openings mustbe closed before proceeding with cleaning.
b) Ductopenings Regardless of building type and insulation material used with the duct,openings should be made to ensurethe bestair tightness when cleaning operations arefinished.
c) Ductcleaning methods Several methods are used to clean insulated ducts.The most common ones, also considered the mosteffective,are briefly described in this handbook: •Contactvacuum method •Air sweep method •Mechanical brush method

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