måndag 12 januari 2015

The heating, ventilation

The heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) system is arguably the most complex
system installed in a house and is responsible for a substantial component of the total house
energy use. A right-sized HVAC system will provide the desired comfort and will run efficiently.
Right-sizing of an HVAC system is the selection of equipment and the design of the air
distribution system to meet the accurate predicted heating and cooling loads of the house. Rightsizing
the HVAC system begins with an accurate understanding of the heating and cooling loads
on a space; however, a full HVAC design involves more than just the load estimate calculation;
the load calculation is the first step of the iterative HVAC design procedure. This strategy
guideline discusses the information needed to design the air distribution system to deliver the
proper amount of conditioned air to a space. Heating and cooling loads are dependent upon the
building location, sighting, and the construction of the house, whereas the equipment selection
and the air distribution design are dependent upon the loads and each other.

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