måndag 26 januari 2015

Human occupants

Human occupants of the building contribute sensible heat according to their activity. From Reference 1, 200 Btu/hr per person is estimated for light activity.  For two people in the building, this gives a heat gain of
                              q = 2 (200) = 400 Btu/hr
Adding all the heat gains from conduction and internal sources gives
                             Total sensible load Qs  =   35274 Btu/hr
Human occupants also contribute to the latent heat gain in the building.  For light activity people produce a latent gain of about 180 Btu/hr per person so this heat is                               q = 2 (180) = 360 Btu/hr
The assumed infiltration of 20 cubic foot per minute of outside air brings latent heat into the building which is given by equation 9 as

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