måndag 5 januari 2015


PREVENTION of duct contamination is KEY to avoiding problems
Follow these recommendations to avoid the need for costly duct cleaning:
Perform routine preventive maintenance of HVAC systems, by complying with manufacturer
schedules for changing HVAC filters and cleaning coils and other components.
During building renovation, seal ductwork to prevent construction dust and debris from entering
the HVAC system.
New ductwork frequently contains oil and debris. Before new ductwork is connected to the air
handling system, it should be inspected for cleanliness and cleaned if necessary.
Maintain good housekeeping in occupied spaces.
Ensure that air intakes are located away from contaminant sources.
Consider routine inspections of ductwork. The National Air Duct Cleaning Association (NADCA)’s
standard, “Assessment, Cleaning and Restoration of HVAC Systems – ACR 2006,” recommends that
HVAC systems be visually inspected for cleanliness at regular intervals, depending on the building
use. For healthcare facilities, the standard recommends annual inspections of air handling units, as
well as supply and return ductwork

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