onsdag 4 februari 2015

Providing quality

Providing quality workmanship performed in a workman-like manner in compliance with all specifications listed in the program guidelines • Submitting a detailed invoice of the heat pump installation, which separates costs for the heat pump, ductwork, weatherization, extended warranty, programmable thermostat(s), electrical upgrades, and/or other applicable and acceptable costs • Practicing good business ethics and ensuring customer satisfaction to best of their ability, including leaving the premises in a “broom clean” condition after the installation • Honoring all service and warranty commitments made to customers Customer Responsibilities. Customers participating in the energy right Heat Pump Plan are responsible for: • Providing a copy of a deed or other evidence of ownership of the dwelling to meet a condition of financing eligibility under the program • Entering into an agreement with a member of the QCN for the installation of a heat pump • Notifying the distributor to arrange for the loan closing or inspection • Ensuring that the heat pump is installed to the customer’s satisfaction • Signing the Work Completion Form after the work is completed to the customer’s satisfaction

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